I probably should give you a summary of what happened after the other boy involved in the session had to leave. I untied Sissyboy and took him for a walk downstairs at Club 80.  I was dressed, he was naked apart from his collar and harness.

The lower level of Club 80 is a cruising area. We wandered around and I sat on a bench and he started to give me an excellent blow job – I really have trained him very well, his mouth is just about perfect. If you ever have an opportunity to put your cock in his mouth, I highly recommend it.

Before long, a crowd had started to gather. Club 80 generally attracts a range of people, but the guys who were gathering around were all younger than around 40. Sissyboy started going from cock to cock, while I leaned back and let the other guys take turns blowing me.

One guy passed some amyl around as Sissyboy sucked his way through several feet of cock.

One guy in a baseball bat had a pretty amazing long cock that curved upwards spectacularly.

We were probably there for around half an hour. Eventually, I stood Sissyboy up and took him back to Room 6 where we started to play one on one again.

I tied him over the fuck horse, and started working over his ass. The time we had spent downstairs had tightened up his ass again – only now it was more tender than before. I really like his reactions when that happens.

I worked him with my fingers and then rubbered up and fucked him. Halfway through, I opened up the top half of the door so people could watch. I really do enjoy showing off at times – and this was one of those nights.

The only bad thing that Sissyboy did was he kept on getting out of his cuffs in order to sniff more amyl – as you can see from the video screen shots below.   🙂