One thing I forgot to mention in Part 1 is that when I was playing with Fetishboy during our first session I found a homemade butt plug in his ass. I still have it.  🙂   I swapped him for a real butt plug.  I wrote about this previously:

First session was pretty tame in comparison with what we got up to later, but he did love the stainless steel probes.  😛

Fetishboy dildo in ass 2 Fetishboy dildo in ass fetishboy gaunlets and gates of hell Fetishboy with silver probe 2 Fetishboy with silver probe 3 Fetishboy with silver probe

And finally some low quality videos that were taken 12 years ago. We’ve come a long way in home digital technology – this was state of the art back then!  😛

Video: Fetishboy First Time

Video: Fetishboy Dildo in Ass – First Time