I’ve recently gotten back in touch with Reg and posted pics from our sessions a decade ago….here is how he remembers it.

“Since April this year when Andrew posted a few old stories / pics and videos of my sessions with him over a decade ago, I’ve been wanting to post my own recollections of those great early bondage experiences!
I was living in Melbourne at the time and whilst I’d had a few experiences before meeting Andrew, he showed me a whole new level of arousal, excitement, and intensity which grew with each encounter as we built trust and mutual respect….. and as he explored my body and taught me more about my own body’s ability to reach amazing sexual peaks through submission.
To put it all in perspective…. I’m a confident, hard working, fairly intelligent decent guy who is very much in control of my life. But in my mid 20’s, after coming out and feeling confident about myself as a young gay (but also masculine) guy, I also knew I wanted to explore my hidden desire to give up that control and explore my hidden submissive side.
A few specific memories of those sessions (mostly in Room 6 at Club 80) stand out all these years later…..
* Of course, the first time we met, I was incredibly nervous, as I always was and still am when meeting another guy for the first time whom I’m going to allow to have control over my body through bondage. I remember that Andrew was very confident and firm as he took control, but at the same time gentle and I very quickly felt a sense that whatever happened, he’d be making sure I was ok.
* I remember clearly the first time he placed a leather hood over my head and laced it up tightly at the back – it’s still my favourite feeling of all bondage play 🙂  It’s that amazing sense that at the same time I’m losing control and losing control, I’m also free to open my mind and all my senses to whatever is about to happen (within agreed limits!).
* I also clearly remember the first time Andrew placed my arms in a set of leather sleeves  – again, that loss of control and the very arousing feeling of tight leather bondage encasing more of my naked body!
* When I first met Andrew, whilst I’d had a bit of bondage experience already, I’d never allowed anyone to play with my hole…. I wont bore you with why, but enough to say I was always nervous about any anal play. To this day I don’t let guys fuck me, and I’m very much a top with partners / boyfriends, but Andrew managed to gradually work with me to show me how anal stimulation can be AMAZING! 🙂
* I was really lucky to meet Andrew when living in Melbourne, and I only wish I hadn’t moved to Sydney in 2004 and lost regular contact with him. But who knows, maybe we’ll get to relive some of those amazing experiences again someday!”