A few weeks ago, a Facebook message popped up.

“What are you doing on the 19th?” asked one of my regular playmates.

“Not sure – why?” I replied.

“It’s fetish night at the Laird. I need someone to hold my leash”

I grinned. There are worse ways of spending the night than have a mid twenties puppy on the end of a leash.

These kinds of nights are essentially grown men regressing to childhood. Rather than dressing up as super heroes, they dress up as gods of leather, rubber and latex. A chance to be creative. Cosplay with cock.

It’s like being in a whole room of guys who are regressing to being ten years old, but with massive libidos.

It’s very rare that I find an excuse to wear my leather kilt in public.  I decided to match it with a blue leather harness and boots. On my hip a flogger with a stainless steel handle and a bottle of amyl.

I was a little surprised by the way the event turned out. The evening was far more social than sexual. Lots of guys standing around talking. I knew quite a few – including lots of Soxster boys.  It was fun to stand around and compare outfits. For example, there really is nothing like an exceptionally hot, intelligent boy wearing a rubber track suit.

There were a few guys sucking and fucking in the corner, but not many. The puppy and I watched a hot boy get fucked – who was clearly relishing the attention. I then got blown by the puppy – whose sharp teeth have apparently been dulled over time because his blow job skills are dramatically improved from when he first started getting leathered up by me as a hot 19yo.

All in all, a fun evening.  I would have preferred it to be a little more sexual – but it was lovely to catch up with everyone.

The low lighting in the club means that the official photographer captured levels of costume detail that weren’t obvious on the night.  😉


And finally, a drawing I commissioned of the pup who accompanied me.