I’ve posted details of my sessions with Luis before – and now it’s time to share the photos. This boy was incredible. One of the most beautiful I’ve ever had my dick inside. I’ve showed these pics to many of my sub bottom boys – and so many of them have had the urge to top Luis long and hard.  I’ve included a lot of similar photos in this post – but only because he’s so fucking beautiful that I wanted you to see everything that I had. There are also some great videos of him being fucked and blowing me that I’ll upload soon.  🙂 IMG_9013 IMG_9014 IMG_9015 IMG_9016 IMG_9017 IMG_9018 IMG_9019 IMG_9020 IMG_9021 IMG_9022 IMG_9023 IMG_9025 IMG_9026 IMG_9027 IMG_9028 IMG_9029 IMG_9030 IMG_9031 IMG_9032 IMG_9033 IMG_9034 IMG_9038 IMG_9039 IMG_9040 IMG_9041 IMG_9042 IMG_9043 IMG_9044 IMG_9045 IMG_9046 IMG_9047 IMG_9048 IMG_9049 IMG_9050 IMG_9051 IMG_9052 IMG_9053