Ok, I should start by saying that I just thought that red and blue would look good together, and it was only when I added the red rope that a certain resemblance to a Marvel super hero emerged. It was entirely unintentional! Nonetheless, Bram had a marvellous time. He’s just turned 21 and is fucking adorable. I had an amazing time. He was blindfolded when he arrived, was stripped, carried to the bed (which inspired his Soxster boy name), had ball stretchers and restraints applied, put into my leather bag hood, and played with for a while until he relaxed. There was then lots of touching, nipple play, cock sucking throat fucking (including me holding him upside down while he blew me), three stokes of my new fire hose flogger, rimming, and then onto mummification, forced poppers, rope work, and finally being gotten to cum while I stimulated his prostate as he lay in the portable sling (and I was really sorry I didn’t have a camera running for that!).  He had never had a prostate massage before and really loved it – even though it was incredibly intense. He’s a great guy – intelligent and thoughtful, and really understood directions very well. This was his first experience wth an uncut cock and he quickly picked up the right techniques and had his first docking experience. Clothes pins on the nipples, he nearly took my red metal butt-plug filled with ball bearings (a truely unique experience). He’s also very good at making out. A really good four hours of play.

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