Another write up from Ru. 🙂

As I think about my last session with sir, I look back in disbelief at the fact that I’m looking back on my third session with Master Soxster. Before my first session, I was adamant that this would be a one off thing, something that I would remember for the rest of my life, but not something I would do again. During my second session 2 weeks later, I felt that my first session was too short and I needed a longer session to get everything out of my system. Yet here I am, hornier than ever and begging sir for my next session, wanting them to become more intense and last as long as possible. Oh how things can change so quickly…

In order to keep this as short as possible, I want to describe in detail 3 things that occurred; being restrained in a portable stock, actually deepthroating a cock and my amyl/prostate massage/orgasm.

But before that just thought I’d mention a few other things. First, there’s something quite hot about being blindfolded and being instructed to strip bare naked in 23 seconds… much, much harder than it sounds (I failed and am yet to receive punishment). Secondly, the satisfaction that you receive from fisting someone and hearing them moan with pleasure is incredible. It’s hard to describe but you almost feel like you having the orgasm with them, every jerk and spasm reverberates through your whole body and you feel as if you are a part of them. Everyone should give it a shot if they can. Hehe. And finally, for other boys that get blindfolded during sessions, be careful and watch your head, sir showered me after our session and when I bent down to dry my feet, my head bonked into a cabinet. Did it hurt, yes, but I was more embarrassed than anything… lol worse things can happen, luckily the did not. 

Being restrained in a portable stock was fun, hot, but also very painful. Before the session, I had seen many videos of hot slave boys being locked up and moaning in absolute pain while their master worked over their bodies without the ability to do anything. I always thought that it surely couldn’t be that bad, surely they were just bitching and whining to make the video more interesting to jack off to. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Even after our session, I still feel soreness in my quads, back and glutes from all the tensing involved (totally fucking worth it by the way). Your body isn’t meant to be in that position for over 5 minutes and once your muscles begin to fatigue, a balancing act between which muscle to activate while the others rest comes into play. I moaned in pain and told sir what was hurting hoping to be released from the grips of the torture device. But instead, he just laughed and continued about playing with his phone.

Eventually when sir felt like it, he began to tease my nipples. Sir knows I go absolutely wild for nipple play and he squeezed and plucked and played with them like a true expert. When I’d squirm and moan with pleasure, sir would press harder and make me realise that I was there for his enjoyment and not mine. Every Time I didn’t respond sir would press harder  to make sure I did squeak like a little dog. I couldn’t win. Between the nipple play sir would stick his tongue down my ears and ear fucked me. It’s amazing how someone you’ve never even seen before can have a better understanding of your body than you do. But finally, sir got his big hands and began to choke me. Helplessly locked up and completely unable to defend myself I lay there scared, hoping that sir would let me live another day. This went on a few more times without warning, one moment sirs hands would be teasing my cock, the next they’d be crushing my throat. Being helpless and scared is such  a great feeling, when you completely trust the person you’re playing with, there’s a heighted sense for both  feelings and  instead  of  two negative  feelings, they end up becoming one great feeling. I hope sir sees me worthy enough for more breath control training and restraining in the very near future.

After I was released from the portable stock, it was time to deepthroat sirs massive cock. Now I don’t have any other cock to compare to other than my own, but from touch alone, I think the girth would be the same size as my wrist, which I assume is big for any standard of measure. Before the start of the session, I mentioned to sir that I wanted to deepthroat his cock. I thought it wouldn’t be too hard given that I had been sucking his cock and gagging on it a bit in our previous sessions. Little did I know that deepthroating wasn’t just shoving a cock down to the point of gagging, but to the point where the cock goes down your throat and expands it due to the girth of the erect penis. Oh how naive I am…

So sir instructs me lean my head over to the side of the bed. Slowly teasing my mouth and letting me suck normally, then all of a sudden sir would force his cock right down my throat, to the point where I could feel my neck expand. Then came the training… one pump, three pumps, 5 pumps all the way up to 10. Every Time I would gag and pray that my breakfast wouldn’t end up all over sirs apartment floor. I felt like I was pleasing sir and even though it was uncomfortable, it was so so so arousing. Thats the weird thing with bdsm, it puts you into uncomfortable positions, but it’s so fucking hot you look past the pain…. After a bit of squirming and gagging (much to sirs delight I hope) I was finally informed that clenching your thumbs in your fists had some miraculous ability to stop the gag reflex, thankfully it worked and I was able to  withstand the force of sirs  hard cock being shoved down my throat a few more times. There’s a feeling of connectedness while being deepthroated, while you feel like a little slut, it also feels intimate gagging on someone’s dick…or maybe im just crazy. I think I could have taken a bigger throat beating, but sir thinks it was a good start.

Finally after all the torment and training that sir had given me for the session, it was time for sir to get me off. With my tardiness and inability to strip within sirs set time going unpunished, I was quivering in fear at the thought of being sent home without cumming. Thankfully sir had something incredible in store for me for doing a good job by fisting him and giving him an alright orgasm (I hear it went everywhere, but wasn’t able to see it, I did try mopping it up with my body though). So after sir finished getting off, I was instructed to take his place in the sling. From there my prostate was played with while sir instructed me to take a hit of amyl. I have already described a prostate massage and prostate massage and amyl in a previous post, so I won’t go into as much detail here. But basically when your prostate is massaged it feels like that moment when you’re about to cum, but you don’t actually. You also feel like you’re gonna take a shit. With amyl, after you take a hit you feel warm and light headed, similar to the feeling of sensitivity and warmth the minutes after you cum. Both are great feelings on their own, enough to rock the socks off a newbie like me independently. Adding an orgasm to all that and it really does get to the point where you feel like the Earth has shifted.

Everyone knows the great feeling that an orgasm can give. But to orgasm on amyl with someone aggressively attacking your prostate is next level. With a prostate massage, precum comes out of your dick like a dripping tap and according to sir, I was pre-cumming for a good minute splashing my cum all over his floor (apologies sir). The only way I can really describe my orgasm was that was is every part of the masturbation process added together for a single unified feeling that forms the most intense 2 minutes ever. It’s at this point that being vocal can add so much more to the experience. I asked sir if I could cum, after slowly playing with my cock for a minute or 2. When sir realised that I was close to cumming through my moaning, I was instructed to take another hit of amyl. Things got intense and I think I was screaming at this point. I knew I was close to cumming and I needed that extra push. I remember shouting for sir to massage my prostate harder. It was instant and sir knew exactly what to do. Harder and faster, to the point where I thought my prostate was going to burst, but I didn’t care, the amyl had kicked in and I was on cloud 9. Then it happened. I came and it was phenomenal. The best orgasm I had ever had in my life. As I lay there in the sling I was shaking from the drop… covered in cum I was shocked at the intense orgasm that had just occurred. Sir had done it again, he made an orgasm even better. My mind can’t even cope…

Thank you once again for the session sir, I hope I make a worthy addition to the list of of private school boys you’ve played with over the years. I know you’ll be in my head for the rest of my life when I’m having sex, but I hope I get to stay in yours so that you can continue to train me for a long while yet.