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Cade Gets Kinky

Posted on Dec 31, 2019

Some time ago I was browsing Recon and came across Cade who was 18 and pretty adorable. And then I refused to meet him. Why? Because while he was 18, he was also in his final year of high school. It’s kinda nice having a cute boy begging to meet you but I demurred (repeatedly) until he finished his exams – and then promptly scheduled a catch up with him and Zeke. And I’ll let Cade tell it in his own words….. I’ve been interested in kink for a long time. I would spend a long time browsing through the internet then I met Andrew on Recon. Initially, I was a bit nervous talking to him but he made me feel really comfortable talking about some stuff I found interesting at the time. Over the space of months, we chatted on Recon and...

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