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Cherry Boy

Posted on May 11, 2012

A rough draft – I’ll come back and fix it up later – think of this as a preview. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to fuck a number of cherry boys. Some of them had fooled around with other guys. Some had sucked a lot of cock. Some had even topped before. But I’m talking about that first time a boy finds himself with a hard cock deep in his butt. Every boy has a different reaction to their first fuck. For some guys it hurts. For some it is pleasure and pain. For all of them it is a big step that they are taking with me – and it’s an honour. This particular cherry boy was mid twenties and had sucked his fair share of cock but had never been fucked. He was interested in...

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A Special Night

Posted on Apr 17, 2012

Every so often you meet a boy who really needs, and I mean NEEDS, to experience some kinky sex. Zakai was one of those boys. He was quite repressed sexually because of his upbringing and religious school. He had sucked quite a bit of cock, but even though he was clearly a boy with a submissive side he has never been fucked. When he sucked my cock he went about it like he was in control…and I had to teach him that his role was actually to submit and concentrate on my pleasure. Giving up control is not something that came easily to him – which made me appreciate it all the more. Zakai is definitely someone who benefited from his first true BDSM experience. Ultimately, I think that a few more BDSM experiences will enable him to become...

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