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You don’t know Jack, Part 2

Posted on Sep 28, 2012

Jack has a blog at where he documents his adventures – check it out! ...

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You Don’t Know Jack – Part 1

Posted on Sep 26, 2012

This is Jack.  He is 22 and a delightful red haired cub who lives in Melbourne. He has been interested in the bear community from a young age and we first met when he was 18. For many years  he was the founder and regular host on ‘The Cubby House’ – a radio show on JOY-FM (Melbourne’s gay and lesbian radio station). He is currently the submissive in a long distance relationship with a master living in San Francisco.  He came over to have some photos taken and have an interview that I’ll be posting pics and segments from his interview in sections over the next few weeks. **************** You are currently in a master/sub relationship but you use the designation ‘Pup’. Why ‘Pup’? Well I suppose that’s because it’s a bit of a term of endearment in a...

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