Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have sex with a number of ballet dancers. The first time you fuck a ballet dancer when he is lying on his back and he decides to tuck a leg or two behind his head it’s a little off putting. But you get used to it really fast. And then you realise how awesome it is. In my experience, ballet dancers are just incredible at sex.

I once told a friend that I was often surprised how many beautiful, fit, ballet dancers wanted to be worked over by an average guy like me, and he replied “I guess fucking another ballet dancer would feel like work”.  Hil-arious.

I think that one of the reasons that many ballet dancers are into BDSM, and are really good at it, is that it is entirely consistent with their chosen profession. Testing limits, overcoming pain to achieve goals and trying to look amazing while you do it. Every ballet dancer is a bit of a masochist.  When you watch ballet from the wings of a theatre you see the blinding lights that are hitting them from the front, above and often the sides, you see them dance as if it is effortless before visibly crumpling in pain as they walk off stage and out of the view of the audience.  It takes a lot of work and pain to make it look that effortless.

So if you have the opportunity to fuck a ballet dancer in a BDSM context then make the most of it – and trust them if they tell you not to go easy on them. They can take it.