Here is a write up of 22yo Apollo’s first Soxster Party which was the September Brisbane Rope Bunnies and Bondage Party. He was a very sexy boy. 😈 We don’t have a “best newcomer” award unfortunately.



Imagine this… you’re casually enjoying your Sunday afternoon when a notification pops up on your phone from one Mr. Soxster. Now, I’m usually not the kind of guy to respond to a random message, but curiosity took over and next thing I knew I was being invited to attend a sex party in a few days’ time. One thing to know about me is that I’m quite a shy guy. I haven’t explored much in terms of kinks or desires; however, I have always thought group sex would be epic. It was because of this I hesitantly agreed to attend the September pizza party.

The days leading up to the pizza party are a blur, I was too busy hyper-fixating on what I should wear, what I should say to the other boys, and what kind of activities I would get up to. Next thing I knew I was ringing to be buzzed into the building and convincing myself in the elevator that I could do it. I knocked on the door and I think I had an internal panic attack in the two seconds it took for the door to open.

I instantly felt at ease when the door opened, and I was greeted by our incredibly charming and charismatic host, Mr. Soxster. There was a small group of incredibly attractive men who had arrived before me all sitting around chatting. Another thing to know about me is that I’m convinced I’m horrible at making a good first impression. I often feel out of my depth talking to guys especially. So, as you would expect I was dying inside. I think Mr. Soxster could tell I was struggling and offered to take me on a tour of the space. Fear and amazement washed over me when come face-to-face with the almighty toys Mr. Soxster had on offer. He then offered me some poppers. I was slightly embarrassed to admit that I had never done poppers before, however; Mr. Soxster simply explained the proper technique and asked if I wanted to have a go.

Nerves raced across my body, what was I doing here? I’m so out of my depth. Fuck it, you have to give things a go tonight, why else did you come here? I inhaled and suddenly my mind was quiet. The head spins and elevated heart rate were a bit alarming at first, but it was definitely something I wanted to try more of throughout the night.

More and more people arrived, and I was internally screaming with how attractive everyone was. How the hell am I meant to strip off to my jockstrap in front of these hotties? These guys aren’t going to want to talk to me let alone have any sort of fun with me. All these thoughts were running through my head again when I noticed that Mr. Soxster had one of the boys down to his jockstrap. Shit. It’s happening. I was amazed with how quick it all started. In the time I had undressed, there was already a group of guys going for it in one of the bedrooms. In the other, Mr. Soxster was showing a small group some of the toys he had shown me earlier. I felt a little bit awkward standing there doing nothing, but I couldn’t move my body. I was paralysed. Mr. Soxster had somehow appeared right next to me holding that small bottle of amyl he had trained me how to use only an hour before. With a devilish smile he told me when he instructed to do so, simply breathe out.

Unsure of what was happening, I followed his direction, and to my surprise he planted his lips on mine, sharing his hit of amyl with me. Not even a word of a lie, that was probably the hottest thing I had ever done. At least until the [multiple] parts of the night where I was sharing Mr. Soxster’s enormous cock with a particularly cute guy. That was definitely my highlight of the night for sure. I was watching this incredibly cute guy having crazy fun with Mr. Soxster and jealousy shot through me. I wanted that to be me, but I didn’t know how to initiate it. It was like he could read my exact thoughts; Mr. Soxster called out to me and ordered me over to join them.

The slight jealousy quickly transformed into excitement, and I jumped into the new experience with an open mouth. It was so unbelievably hot sharing Mr. Soxster, instinctively working together, sucking his gigantic cock, both of us taking turns blowing him making sure neither of us missed out. If one of us was servicing his beautiful cock, the other was attending to his full balls. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only were we delivering ultimate pleasure to our host, but we were also having our own fun as well. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined myself making out with a cute guy with another man’s cock pressed up against our lips [and tongues]. I couldn’t help but laugh sometimes, thinking back at how nervous I was before the party. Looking up at Mr. Soxster I could tell we were doing a good job, and this made me even more motivated to serve. The cuddles afterwards just added to the whole experience, truly the icing on the cake. Thinking about it too much gets me way too horny, so I think I need to move on haha.

I think what I was most surprised about was how social this event was. Yes, we were there for sex, but everyone was super friendly with each other and were actually open to having an open dialogue on how to perform certain activities safely and correctly.  It was these small moments that really allowed me to feel comfortable amongst all these new faces, which believe me is not an easy feat.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that was certainly the case on Wednesday night. One by one, people had to leave, and the party came to an end. I had to put my clothes back on, take the same elevator back down, walk back to my car and go back to normal life. I couldn’t believe it; I survived my first Soxster party and I loved it. It was something ticked off my bucket list but in doing so, I discovered near a thousand more things I wanted to try. And yes, whilst I will still probably be nervous leading up to the next Soxster party, I know that this is a safe (and fun) space to explore new kinks and interests.

To anyone interested in or thinking about attending a Soxster event, know that the culture Mr. Soxster has created is one of the highest standard and I’m certain you won’t regret it. Pop your jockstrap on and give it a go. I hope to see you there 🙂