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Aaron – the boyfriend adventure

Posted on Aug 28, 2014

Over my many years as a BDSM master, I’ve come across a couple of boys who I didn’t want to release from my grasp …. and...

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Joel’s Upcumming Adventure – Training Begins

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Joel has started his preparation for being gang fucked at Fickstutenmarkt. He’s determined!  🙂  In his own words…. As I...

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Joel’s Upcumming Adventure

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

I first did a session with Joel when he was 19 – and he’s grown up a bit since then. It’s time to do what every good...

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Andrew Soxster is in Brisbane…..

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Anyone Bored? 😉

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Wahmiq is a mummified doggy

Posted on Aug 16, 2014

  Good relaxed session with Wahmiq tonight. He spent an hour mummified into a doggy position…also some electro, fingering, ball...

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Sissyboy in the sling…

Posted on Aug 15, 2014

I really enjoy my sessions with Sissyboy. He has one of the best asses you will ever have the pleasure of fucking. He can take a pounding...

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Jarry gets piston pumped

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

Really great fisting session with Jarry. This kid can really take a fisting. He loves long strokes from the finger tips to the elbow...

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Charlie’s Adventures

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

In previous posts I’ve talked about Charlie’s weekend with me in Melbourne. Here are a few pics of what happens when a hot...

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Everything is awesome!

Posted on Aug 4, 2014

After our first encounter at the height of summer I knew that I wanted to see Charlie again. The heat had prevented us from doing...

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The 2014 Annual Cock Sucking Awards (the suckees)

Posted on Aug 3, 2014

Early in Charlie’s visit I told him that he was one of the best cock suckers I had ever experienced. He laughed at me – and...

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Mitch and Riley – One year on

Posted on Aug 2, 2014

It’s been a year since Mitch and Riley met – just a couple of teenagers who one night found themselves making out with each...

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Posted on Aug 1, 2014

A few weeks ago, a Facebook message popped up. “What are you doing on the 19th?” asked one of my regular playmates. “Not...

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